Tankless VS Tank Water Heater Which One Is Best To Buy

Hot water is the need of the day and you need hot water for doing multiple tasks like washing dishes, clothes, taking shower. Whether you buy a tank or tankless water heater you will get instant hot water whenever you want. There are many differences between tank and tankless water heaters such as efficiency, prices, space, installation, etc. let us differentiate and find out which one is best to buy.

Tankless VS Tank Water Heater


A tank water heater is a cylinder containing a water heater in which water is stored in the tank. You have to turn the heater on after that water starts heating and takes time to heat up. You can set the temperature of the water manually. These water heaters take too much space and also there are chances of leakage because water is stored in the tank. These heaters are available in different sizes and fueled by gas, oil, or propane.

Tankless water heaters do not have water tanks. They provide unlimited water whenever you want. Because water do not store into the tank there are no chances of leakage. Tankless water heaters are more efficient than tank water heaters and they will turn on only when you need hot water. These water heaters are available in different types such as  electric or gas. Tankless water heater electric are most efficient than the tankless water heater gas. You can remotely operate the tankless water heater with your mobiles as well.

Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are not energy efficient because they are continuously on and use energy. The stored water then heats up and can be used. If you are going on trip or out of town your tank water heater keep on and heats up water that will be wasted and lots of fuel waste.

If you are using a tankless water heater they are more energy efficient because some of the water heaters are time limited and auto shut off after 20 minutes. That feature make tankless water heater safe to use and also saves your money.  Few water heater have feature that they will only turn on when hot water is needed. So no extra energy is wasted and you saves heating cost. If you go for vacation you can turn this unit of or set it on vacation mode.


Tank water heaters are easy to install. You do not need any certified plumber to install these heaters. If you follow the instructions you can install these unit by yourself. While tankless water heaters are difficult to install. You need a certified plumber to install these units. There are few units that can be installed easily but mostly are not easy to install.


Tank water heater take much space because they have a container with the water heater. They contain lots of space as compared to the tankless water heater. Tankless water heater do not have water storage tank that is why it’s a space saver water heater. You can place it anywhere in cupboard or even crawl spaces. They are also available in suitcase size that can install anywhere. Most of the tankless water heaters are wall mounted that saves floor space.


Tankless water heaters are expensive than tank water heaters because they are advanced and more feature than tank water heaters.  A high end tankless water heater lasts longer and can be used for 20 years. Buying an expensive tankless water heater is a future investment and you saves $100 per year of your billing cost. While tank water heaters are also expensive but there are chances of leakage and they are also less efficient.


Tankless water heaters are most durable and reliable then tan water heaters. Some of the tankless water heaters have lifetime warranty and lasts longer than tank water heater.

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Tankless water heaters are best as compare to the tank water heaters. They are not only space save but are also energy efficient and is a life time investment. So buy a tankless water heater instead of tank water heater if you want peace of mind.


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