Tankless Water Heater Electric VS Gas (Which One Is Best)

While choosing the best tankless water heater the most asked question is which one is better gas or electric. There are so many features that are different in both types and both have lots of benefits. Making the right decision will depend upon the needs and requirements. Your climate, household needs, and personal preference will directly affect your choice of the tankless water heater.

 Electric Water Heater VS Gas Water Heater


Let us now differentiate between both gas and electric tankless water heater and compare their features.

Starting Prices

While talking about initial prices and installation cost Best electric tankless water heaters are best because they are available at affordable prices and are less expensive than gas units. You can buy the best quality electric unit for $500 to $600 that lasts longer.

A Best gas tankless water heater is more expensive but is more reliable and more energy-efficient. The best quality gas unit is available for $1000 because they have an amazing and sophisticated design and also has lots of venting requirements.


Both types of water heater require professional plumbers and electricians for installation. Gas tankless water heater is more complicated and expensive to install.  This is because the existing venting ducts of most homes are not compatible with the gas water heaters. And you require a new venting system.

While electric units are smaller in size that is why they are easy to install. Also, you do not need venting for the installation. For most of the electric tankless water heaters you do not need any plumber or electrician they are so easy that you can easily install them.


Electric units are more energy-efficient than gas tankless water heaters. They are 98-99% energy efficient while gas units are 80-85% energy efficient.


Both electric and gas tankless water heaters are easy to use. You just have to set the temperature to the required temperature. The auto shut off feature of the tankless water heater make it safe to use. One more benefit of gas tankless water heater is it is available in portable types so you can take them on trips and enjoy hot water.


So the conclusion of this blog is buying gas or electric tankless water heater will depend upon your needs and your requirements. Both have amazing features and both are energy efficient than a tank water heater. But if you want to select the best one then electric tankless water heaters are best.

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