Best Tankless Water Heater Reviews 2022 With Buyer Guide

One of the smartest decisions you can make for your home is switching from a tank water heater to the best tankless water heater in 2022. It’s a great discovery for those tired of using a traditional tank water heater that consumes more space, power, and money. The average tankless water heater saves approximately 1/3 of fuel cost and provides you continuous hot water.

If you’re thinking of installing a tankless water heater, check out our reviews of the best tankless water heaters in 2022 first. We have spent countless hours in market research, talking to manufacturers & customers, and testing out water heating units to come up with our list to provide you with authentic and complete reviews of which tankless water heater you will be considering purchasing.

In this blog post, we’ve chosen the top 10 best tankless water heaters in 2022 and listed them here to make your decision easier.  We also break down multiple sections, what exactly you need to know to pick the correct size and style of the heater for your home. Let’s take a jump to the next section;

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying A Tankless Water Heater

Multiple factors influence your purchasing decision when buying tankless water heaters like; performance, condition, unit heating capacity, price, etc. These are the main things you should consider to ensure you get the best tankless water heater for your daily use. Here are some other factors that play a vital role in making your decision to buy a tankless water heater such as;

Fuel Type

Tankless water heaters, much like their tanked counterparts, have 3 main energy sources for tankless water heaters; 

  • Electricity
  • Natural gas 
  • Liquid propane (LP)

Fuel powers a heat-exchanger in gas units or a heating element in electric models. When you decide what fuel type you want to require for your heater, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of heating system.


Electric-powered heaters are high efficiency. They are more compact than gas tankless water heaters because they don’t require ventilation, and. Electric tankless water heaters are available at lower prices but depend upon where you live. The major drawback of these water heaters is that they don’t provide high output in a cold climate.

Natural Gas 

Gas-powered tankless water heaters are more proficient for all environments and have higher output. The major drawback of these water heaters is that they are less efficient than electric tankless water heaters. They also require specialized ventilation. 

Liquid Propane (LP)

 Propane tankless water heaters are similar to gas, but you’ll use one gallon of LP for every 3-4 gallons of gas, and they also burn cleaner with fewer emissions. 

Flow Rate Capability

The flow is measured in gallons per minute (GPM), and the water flow of your tankless heater depends on the heater’s specifications and the limit condition in which you are using. In general, an apartment will require an automated instant tankless water heater that’ll approximately deliver 3.0 GPM hot water. In contrast, a smaller home requires 4.0 GPM. The typical size of the house with 2 bathrooms will require a residential tankless water heater that has around about 7.5 GPM.

A massive house with more than 1600 sq. feet and more than 3 bathrooms will require an efficient tankless water heater that provides more than 10 GPM host water. In the end, the most effective tankless water heater that you can buy for your daily home use will be one that will meet the GPM specifications of your home.

EF Rating & Durability

Energy rating measures the quantity of hot water the heater generates in a unit of fuel consumed or its effectiveness. A water heater with a high EF rating will require less energy to deliver hot water. Heating systems with certified energy systems maximize efficiency and save your money by saving energy. Many energy companies offer discounts for energy heating systems; therefore, make sure to confirm whether your tankless heater is eligible or not.

Best tankless gas water heaters last longer than electric models due to their design. The heating element of an electric heater can last between 7 and 10 years, and a gas-powered heater can last for between 20 years. The difference in durability is another reason to think about Propane tankless water heaters, especially if your home is wired to electrical power.

Relative Price

In contrast to other home appliances, the tankless water heater is worth it because it costs you multi-faceted. The initial cost is the cost of installation and fuel, which is specific to your area.

Initial Purchase

The tankless water unit’s price depends on the type of fuel. The electric tankless water heater tends to be typically less expensive than gas heaters. However, the price of gas tankless heaters is contingent on whether. Condensing water heaters require an elaborate ventilation system, but they cost more upfront, whereas non-condensing heaters are more affordable but require adequate ventilation.

Installation Cost

Electric water heaters offer the advantage in installation; it is required the services of a plumber in the event of needing to increase the amperage of your breaker; installation is relatively simple.

Unfortunately, the tankless gas water heater system does not necessarily have the ventilation system installed. In addition, its installation is more costly, and you’ll probably be required to purchase the ventilation, too.

Fuel Cost

In certain areas, the price of an electric tankless water heater can be higher than gas, and however, in other places, the opposite is the case. It is typically a little more cost-effective than natural gas. However, it’s also more efficient, and you will recover your costs by saving fuel.

Our Top Picks

EcoSmart ECO 27 (Top-pick)
Rinnai RL series (High-End)

Best Tankless Water Heater 2022 Comparison Table

A high end and top-rated tankless water heater last for almost 20 years providing its best services. Also, it requires less space than any tank water heater and less maintenance. Most of the people do not know what to see while buying a tankless water heater. So here we will provide a proper guide about how to buy the best tankless water heater. Before starting the reviews let us see the comparison table.


Self Modulating Technology + Top-Pick Self Modulating Technology + Top-Pick
EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water
  • Power: 27000W
  • Temperature: 80-140° F
  • GPM : 2.7-6.5
  • Installation : Takes time
  • Energy Efficient : Yes
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Top-Rated+Lifetime warranty Top-Rated+Lifetime warranty
Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater
  • Power: 18000W
  • Temperature: 80-140° F
  • GPM : 2.5
  • Installation : By licensed electricians
  • Energy Efficient : 99.8%
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Circa-Logic technology+High-End Circa-Logic technology+High-End
Rinnai RL Series
  • Gas Type : Natural Gas
  • Temperature: Adjustable
  • GPM : 9.4
  • Installation : Indoor Installation
  • Energy Efficient : 82%
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Buyer’s Choice+For small families Buyer’s Choice+For small families
EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater
  • Power : 13000W
  • Temperature: 80-140° F
  • GPM : 2
  • Installation : Easy
  • Energy Efficient : 99.8%
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Wall-mounted+LED display Wall-mounted+LED display
Rheem 240V Heating Chamber
  • Power : 13000W
  • Temperature: Adjustable
  • GPM : 3.17
  • Installation : Easy
  • Energy Efficient : 99.8%
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Portable +Safe+ Best Budget Portable +Safe+ Best Budget
CAMPLUX Tankless Gas Water Heater
  • Power : 12000W
  • Temperature: 46-114.8℉
  • GPM : 1.58
  • Installation : Outdoor installation
  • Energy Efficient : Yes
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Safe + Affordable Safe + Affordable
Camplux Propane Tankless Water Heater
  • Power : 10000W
  • Temperature: 46.4-114.8℉
  • GPM : 1.32
  • Installation : Outdoor
  • Energy Efficient : 80%
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Self-Modulating Power Technology & Advanced Flow Control Self-Modulating Power Technology & Advanced Flow Control
Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus
  • Power : 29000W
  • Temperature: 86-140°F
  • GPM : 2-4
  • Installation : Easy
  • Energy Efficient : 99%
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Quick hot water Quick hot water
Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater
  • Power : 1440W
  • Temperature: 65-145°F
  • GPH : 6.8
  • Installation : Easy
  • Energy Efficient : 98%
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Multi-Point-of-Use + Microprocessor technology Multi-Point-of-Use + Microprocessor technology
Stiebel Eltron Tankless Electric Water Heater
  • Power : 12000W
  • Temperature: 86-125°F
  • GPM : 1.5
  • Installation : Easy
  • Energy Efficient : Yes
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1. EcoSmart ECO 27 electric tankless water heater (Top-pick)

EcoSmart ECO 27 electric tankless water heater

One of the best quality tankless water heater that’s work on self-modulating technology. For the northern United States where the temperature of the water reaches 37F. So in those areas, 3 gallons of water heats up to the temperature of 37F after every minute. It can handle 2 showers at the same time. And for the southern United States, it can heat up 6 gallons of water in a minute.

This water heater saves up to 50% on water heating costs. With its compact size and beautiful design, the EcoSmart electric water heater is a space saver. It can save 12 cubic feet of space. For easy replacement, durability, and efficiency this water heater is made of copper and stainless components.

The digital temperature control allows you to control hot water by 1-degree increment. EcoSmart with its amazing tank never runs out hot water. The electrical requirement for this unit is 27kW power, 240Volts, (3) 8 required wires, and (3) 40 required breakers.

Things we like?
  • 80-140F temperature range
  • Heats up 3 and 6 gallons of water in 1 minute
  • 1-degree increment temperature control
  • Save 50% heating cost
  • 12 cubic feet storage saver
  • Unlimited hot water
  • 5-year warranty
Things we don’t like?
  • Flickering LED light when the heater is running
  • Installation takes time

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2. EcoSmart ECO 18 electric (Top-Rated)

Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water HeaterEcosmart 18 electric with its high energy efficiency is one of the best products for the home. It’s a mid-range unit with self-modulating technology. Which means this unit is only turn on when you need hot water. Saving 60% of water heating cost this unit uses only the needed amount of energy. And in warm climates, it can handle two sinks and two showers at the same time. While in a cold climate it can handle a sink and a shower.

This unit is really best for small families. With the help of digital temperature control, you can change the temperature according to your own choice. A 1-degree increment of temperature allows you to set the temperature of the water from 80F-140F. This product is highly durable and is for residential use, it has a lifetime warranty.

EcoSmart is a space saver and is not like other traditional tank water heaters that take too much space. Because of its wall-mounted design it saves floor space and is easy to store. Due to its copper and stainless components, it looks beautiful in your house. You will get unlimited hot water because water heats up when passes through it. And the water did not store in this unit as happens in the tank water heater. So you will get fresh hot water whenever you want without the fear of leakage.

Things we like?
  • Reduce 60% of heating water cost
  • Use only the needed amount of energy
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Self-modulating feature
  • Unlimited hot water
  • Durable, compact, and amazing
  • Wall-mounted design
  • Simple installation
  • 8% energy efficient
Things we don’t like?
  • Only installed by licensed electricians
  • Not good for large families

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3. Rinnai RL series (High-End)

Rinnai RL Water Heater Indoor InstallationWhile using a tank water heater you have to wait for hot water from the tank heater to your shower. So you waste lots of water to get hot water. According to the research, a person wastes almost 8,700 bottles of water per year. Rinnai tankless water heater is the high-end and best water heater for the money. It uses thermacirc 360 technology to heat water.

It recirculates hot water through your pipes to supply hot water fast. So you will get unlimited hot water either you want to do laundry or to wash dishes. You will never run out of hot water. With its small suitcase size, you can save 16 square feet of space. And its compact design allows you to keep it anywhere even you can install it in a closet, attic, or in crawl space.

Rinnai uses almost 40% less energy than tank water heaters. One more amazing feature of this unit is the Wi-Fi monitoring system. The trusted Rinnai service keeps monitoring your product. They will inform you whenever you experience a break in service or damage. Rinnai is known as the best value tankless water heater to buy.

This unit is highly reliable and all the components are replaceable. So instead of buying a new system, you can replace the components if any part of this product won’t work. Buying a reliable product is just a small investment for the future. Rather than buying cheap rate water heater buy an expensive product that lasts longer.

 Tip# must buy a vent pipe with this 


Things we like?
  • Reliable
  • 20 years warranty
  • Recirculation technology
  • Voice activation enabled
  • Endless hot water
  • Save space
  • Compact size
  • Hot water on demand
  • Energy efficient
  • Wi-Fi monitoring
  • 9.4 GPM hot water flow rate
  • No wastage of water
  • For large family
Things we don’t like?
  • Just for Indoor installation
  • Bit noisy when in use

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4. EcoSmart ECO 11 electric (Buyer’s Choice)

EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water HeaterAlmost 99.8% energy-efficient unit that saves 60% of water heating cost. With this self-modulating featured EcoSmart product, you will get hot water whenever you want without using more energy. EcoSmart 11 electric provides a lifetime warranty which means it’s a lifetime investment.

This unit is specially designed to heat up 2 gallons per minute that can handle 2 sinks and a shower at the same time. Eco 11 electric water heater is a wall-mounted and a compact size unit. And can provide digital temperature control. So you can adjust the hot water by an increment of 1 degree.

Freshwater passes from this tankless water heater and you will get unlimited hot water. Unlike other water heaters, you do not need to worry about leakage because water is not stored in this.

Things we like?
  • Space saver
  • 60% less heating cost
  • Unlimited water
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact size
  • For small families
  • Available in cheap price
Things we don’t like?
  • Too small for big families
  • Installation is not easy

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5. Rheem residential water heater

Rheem 240V Heating ChamberAn advanced tankless water heater that has a knob for temperature control and a LED display. This knob helps you to control the temperature with a 1-degree increment. The LED display shows the temperature on the screen. Rheem is the best tankless water heater on the market with such an amazing price and feature.

Installation of this unit is easy as compare to the other water heaters. So you do not need to spend more money on its installation. This unit is 99.8% energy efficient and saves more energy. As it reduces the heating cost and it is a reliable product. Also, this heater will provide you unlimited water and can handle 1 shower, 1 bathroom sink, 1 toilet, and 1 kitchen sink.

Saving lots of your space this unit can be mounted on the wall. It looks amazing on the wall and saves floor space.

Things we like?
  • LED display
  • Temperature controllable knob
  • Electric heater
  • Unlimited water
  • Wall-mounted
  • Durable
  • Good for small usage
  • Easy installation
Things we don’t like?
  • Makes a buzzing noise when started

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6. Camplux outdoor (Portable)

camplux enjoy outdoor tankless water heaterA tankless gas water heater that works with low-pressure water.  This unit is portable and with the help of folding handles, you can take this water heater anywhere. Its simple and unique design Camplux looks pleasant and beautiful. And the areas where electricity is not available you can use 2 D cell batteries to get hot water.

Providing unlimited hot water this unit can fulfill all the needs of a small house. Every minute it warms 1.58 gallons of water that is really amazing. With the knobs on this heater, you can adjust the temperature and the maximum temperature of this is 114.8F (46C). So it’s a perfect heater for cabins, boathouses, campsites, and apartments. Because it saves floor space and can be wall-mounted.

The most important feature of this product is that it is safer and is CSA certified of safety. Camplux is the best tankless water heater 2022 for vacations, camping, and the beach. You can also install this unit inside your house where ventilation is good. Flame failure devices, oxygen deletion shut off and anti-freezing protection are the best features that make this water heater the best.

Things we like?
  • Portable
  • Safe to use
  • Gas water heater
  • Can be taken anywhere
  • Can be used for low-pressure water
  • Unlimited hot water
  • 58 GPM
  • Auto shut off safety
Things we don’t like?
  • It cannot be used for drinking water
  • Not used for elevation above 2000ft

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7. Camplux portable propane tankless water heater

Camplux Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water HeaterA small unit that works on low-pressure water and is specially made for the US and Canadian markets. This water heater is portable and CSA approved for safety purposes. That is why this unit is safer than others. The maximum temperature that Camplux tankless water heater can reach is 46℃ with 1.3 gallons per minute hot water.

Few important features like flame failure device, oxygen depletion shut off and anti-freezing protection makes it safe and easy to use. You can also use this product for outdoor trips or for your horse or dog bathing. So enjoy unlimited hot water outside of your house.  According to the best tankless water heater, consumers report camplux is the most reliable unit and can last longer.

Things we like?
  • Safety feature
  • Portable
  • Outside use
  • Compact size
  • Affordable
  • 1.3GPM
  • Use for lowest water pressure
  • For your dog or horse bathing
Things we don’t like?
  • It does not have an ON/OFF switch

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8. Stiebel Eltron (self-modulating & advanced flow control feature)

Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 29 kW, tankless electric water heaterAn electric tankless water heater that is available in markets with advanced technologies. Stiebel Eltron is less expensive and is easy to install. It’s the most durable product and venting is also not required for this heater. It uses less energy and is 99% energy efficient. It’s a compact water heater that can fit anywhere.

This water heater provides you unlimited hot water and unlike a tank water heater, you can never run out of hot water. With its self-modulating feature, it will only work when the hot water is needed. So you will get fresh hot water whenever you want. By its advanced flow control feature, you will get constant hot water and automatically maintained temperature.

This product automatically senses the flow rate and temperature. Then it calculates how much power is required to warm water and will apply exactly the same power. It will precisely maintain the temperature unless the flow rate changes. The digital temperature display will help you to set the required temperature by rotating the dial.

Things we like?
  • Electric tankless water heater
  • Self-modulating feature
  • Easy installation
  • Temperature control display
  • Compact design
  • Automatic temperature control
  • 99% Energy Efficient
  • Advanced flow control
  • Unlimited water
  • No venting is required
  • Reduces electric bill
Things we don’t like?
  • May not last longer if you have hard minerals in the water
  • Not enough for a large family

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9. Bosch Electric 7 gallon water heater

Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water HeaterA wall, shelf, or floor-mounted mini-tank water heater that you can install anywhere either horizontally or vertically. It will supply 7 gallons of water when mounted vertically and 5.1 gallons when horizontally. It provides hot water instantly when needed. The temperature range of this unit is 65-145F with 150 psi pressure. So you will get unlimited hot water for the shower and for other works.

Bosch mini water tank is highly durable and can be directly installed at the sink to get hot water quickly. 98% thermal efficient this mini tank product can be used in RV’s, boats, and apartments. This unit is available in 3 different compact sizes that can be used in different places. Just tap this unit in a cold water line and install it directly at the sink.

Things we like?
  • Quick hot water
  • Affordable
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Unlimited hot water
Things we don’t like?
  • Attaching pipes with this water heater is difficult

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10. Stiebel Eltron multi-point tankless water heater

Stiebel Eltron Tankless Electric Water HeaterHighly reliable, durable, and the best tankless water heater. You can set the temperature of the water from 30-52C by the knob on the front side. You will get unlimited water and you will never run out of hot water. The advanced microprocessor technology ensures that the temperature dial does not deviate from the already set point even if the flow rate changes.

The advanced flow control feature will sense your temperature and flow rate. It then applies a required power and we will get hot water instantly. This unit will work only when the hot water is required so no extra energy is required to keep it on. Unlike other water heaters, Stiebel has a safety feature and is safe to use.

You can use this unit in office buildings, schools, malls, houses, RVs, warehouses, and restaurants. It is available in so many sizes and models.

Things we like?
  • 3 years warranty
  • 50% less power
  • Safe to use
  • Reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Microprocessor technology
  • Advanced flow rate control
Things we don’t like?
  • Only good for low flow use

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Advantages Of The Best Tankless Water Heater

Providing unlimited hot water tankless water heater is the need of this century. This product does not only save space but also has lots of features and advantages over a tank water heater. Let’s have a look at its advantages

Energy Saver: tankless water heater is more energy-efficient than a tank water heater. The self-modulating feature allows for saving energy.

Long-Lasting: as compared to the tank water heater it lasts longer because water will never store water into the heater. With proper maintenance and care, these tankless water can last 20 years or longer.

Compact Design: they are small and can be installed anywhere. These units are wall-mounted and save lots of floor space. You can store these tankless water heater anywhere even in the closet.

Replaceable Parts: unlike a tank water heater a tankless water heater is best as all its parts are replaceable. So instead of buying a new water heater you can replace the damaged part and use it again.

Fresh Hot Water: it will supply fresh hot water. As water will not be store into the tank that may contain rust and minerals that tank water may contain. So freshwater will recirculate in the pipes and provide you hot water.

Unlimited hot water: it will provide you unlimited hot water that you will never run out of hot water. But in tank water heater if hot water will finish, it will take time to warm the freshwater.

Peace Of Mind: if you buy a tankless water heater you will have peace of mind. Because you do not have to take tension of floor damaging, tank leakage, or heating cost.

Best Tankless Water Heater Buying Guide

Buying the best tankless water heater of 2022 is not as easy as one may think. You have to see a few important points like flow rate, per minute hot water, energy efficiency, installation, and features. After analyzing all these important points you will be able to make a decision.


Most of the water heaters are not easy to install so you need a plumber as well as an electrician to install the water heater. If you want to install the heater by yourself, installation may take much time and you may cause many troubles or may attach wrong wires that will be dangerous. So buy a tankless water heater that has easy installation if you can’t afford electrician and plumber expenses. Otherwise, you can buy other water heaters as well.

Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

GPM is the ability of a water heater that how much gallons of hot water can be provided by a heater in one minute. If you have a large house you will need a water heater that must provide lots of hot water to meet the needs of a large house. But if you have a small house or you want the best tankless water heater in 2022 for boat or RVs 1.5-2 gallons per minute of hot water will be enough for you.

Indoor & Outdoor

As we know that there is a huge verity of best tankless water heaters on the market. Among these water heaters, we will get both indoor and outdoor tankless water heaters. If you are a traveler or like to go on vacations or trips then an outdoor tankless water heater will suits you better than an indoor water heater. These outdoor water heaters can also be used for home purposes and are portable so you can take them outside with you. But if you just want a water heater for home then an indoor tankless water heater is best.

Space Saver

The tank water heaters take lots of space that is why the tankless water heater is designed. The main purpose of this water heater is to save space. Most of the tankless water heaters are wall-mounted so it saves your floor space. You can install these heaters anywhere you want even you can install them in the attic or in crawl space. Try to buy a wall-mounted tankless water heater.

Gas Or Electric Tankless Water Heater

You will get both electric and gas water heaters in the market. The gas tankless water heater is faster as compared to the electric tankless water heater. Gas heaters are 80-85% energy efficient. You will get hot water quickly. These heaters have burners with gas-fired that include propane or kerosene. But the problem is gas water heaters require venting because they need more fuel than a tank water heater.

Electric tankless water heater does not require venting and can be store anywhere. These units are 98-99% energy efficient. Few tankless water heaters have self-modulating features that save energy. Electric heaters can provide almost 8 GPM of hot water. So the choice is yours what type of tankless water heater you want to buy. You can also see the comparison table to differentiate all the water heater products. And you can make a quick decision without wasting your precious time.


Before buying a tankless water heater must check its warranty. Most of the brands of water heaters offer lifetime warranty and reliability. Tankless water heaters stay longer because unlike tank water heaters, water will not store in these heaters. So there will be no worry of leakage.


Tips to select the best tankless water heater


    Buying Tips 

  • A tankless water heater should be higher efficient
  • It should provide instant hot water
  • Must supply unlimited hot water
  • GPM should be high
  • It should be a wall-mounted
  • Should be Wi-Fi compatible
  • An easy install heater will be great
  • It must be a self-modulating
  • It must have a lifetime warranty

FAQs Section

How do I choose the right size tankless water heater?

Choosing what size tankless water heater is the same regardless of what model you’re looking at. Before determining the water heater, consider that your hot water supply from the intake to your faucet is among the significant elements. The efficiency of tankless water heaters depends upon their size and specifications. After making these calculations, you can select one that has a little more power than you require.

Can you take a shower with a tankless water heater?

If the water heater installed is big enough to accommodate the highest required flow of hot water, you’ll be able to use a shower by using a tank-less hot water tank.

Can you run out of hot water with a tankless water heater?

It would help not run out of hot water with tanks-less water heaters. However, temperatures may fluctuate if too much load is put on the heater at once or if the weather outside produces extremely cold-water temperatures at the inlet.

Does a tankless water heater be used for a whole house?

There are a variety of tankless models of water heaters that can warm water fast enough to be considered for the whole house.

The electric tankless water heaters are suitable for the whole house. Most of them come with energy-saving features. It’s not exactly efficient in terms of energy efficiency, but it can help save your money in the context of energy bills.


After reading these reviews now you are able to select the best tankless water heater 2022. If you want to buy a high end with best tankless water heater than the Rinnai RL series is good to buy. While if you want a portable unit then Camplux outdoor is best choice for you. Buy one of above mentions  water heaters and enjoy instant hot water.